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Solace named Event Broker Leader by IDC MarketScape
Thu, 4th Apr 2024

Solace, an enabler for event-driven architecture (EDA) for real-time enterprises, has been recognised by IDC Marketscape as an Event Broker Leader.

The recognition comes from IDC MarketScape's Worldwide Event Brokering Software 2023 Vendor Assessment. This is the inaugural and sole competitive evaluation of Event Broker software by a leading analyst firm, looking into the functional capabilities and market strategies of major software vendors. The assessment considered numerous attributes such as security, brokering functionality, pricing models and architecture compatibility.

Solace's customer success and product innovation were particularly lauded in the report, with special praise given to Solace's advanced smart topic management features, which ensure efficient topic handling. Solace PubSub+ was also applauded for aiding seamless data and event access across distributed applications in hybrid and multi-cloud environments. The Canadian-based enterprise has, for the past two decades, been instrumental in helping businesses of all sizes to make use of real-time data to boost their operational efficiencies and refine customer experiences.

In a recent press release, Solace proudly announced its status as "Leader" in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Event Brokering Software 2023 Vendor Assessment - the premiere competitive evaluation by a prominent analyst firm in this field. This comprehensive IDC MarketScape study evaluated not only the functional capabilities, but also the go-to-market strategies of several significant event broker software vendors serving a broad array of industries.

Research Director at IDC, Shari Lava, remarked on the crucial role of event brokers in businesses seeking to shift towards a more event-driven architecture to facilitate real-time data flows. She noted, "Ensuring applications have real-time data is a critical capability in everyday human decision-making and also in many emerging AI use cases." The report further advises organisations to "consider Solace if they are seeking high degrees of confidence in solution security, cloud-agnostic deployment support and smart topic management, as well as broad support for business use cases accessible to a variety of non-developer personas."

Specific strengths of Solace, as highlighted in the report, include its robust topic management capabilities, surpassing many other vendors in the same space. It also offers comprehensive monitoring options, such as detailed logging, notifications, alerts, and message tracing. The accolade also extended to Solace's partnership with numerous popular data management and security tools for advanced monitoring. The report adds that Solace's PubSub+ encompasses potent event mesh capabilities to create a network of brokers that enable seamless access to data and events across a variety of applications in hybrid and multi-cloud deployments.

In response to the favourable assessment, Shawn McAllister, CTO and CPO of Solace, said "We are proud to be recognized by the IDC MarketScape in this inaugural vendor assessment of this market and we believe this further validates Solace as a leader in delivering the event-driven integration and streaming capabilities our customers demand to best differentiate them in the market and help them succeed."

Solace's PubSub+ has processed over 1TB of events data every day over the past two decades, serving organizations of all sizes, from innovative start-ups to the world's leading companies. They can be found in 60% of the world's major investment banks, 4 of the top 5 foreign exchange companies, 4 of the topmost 12 telcos, and 30% of the world's largest consumer goods manufacturers and retail chains. Notably, Solace has also significantly influenced major digital government initiatives in countries including Canada, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Japan.