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Storyblok & Lokalise partner to speed up content localisation
Thu, 25th Jan 2024

Storyblok, a content management system (CMS) provider, has collaborated with Lokalise, a provider of AI-driven translations and automated localisation. The integration allows companies like CoachHub to effortlessly translate content in Storyblok to various languages, resulting in a 25% decrease in time spent on content management.

A global survey commissioned by Storyblok among 500 marketers highlighted that whilst businesses have a global reach, a lack in localisation often hinders genuine connection with their customers. The study revealed that a staggering 79% of companies publish content in their CMS in only 1-3 languages; alarmingly, the largest segment (35%) publishes content in just a single language.

Despite this, 43% of the respondents stated that translating and localising content is of extreme importance, with only 7% considering it insignificant. A dominant 81% agreed that disseminating content in multiple languages would aid their customer acquisition endeavours, and 44% of that group asserted that it would provide considerable assistance to such activities.

Demonstrating the gap in the companies' needs and actions, an overwhelming 90% of the respondents said they would consider employing AI to translate content in their CMS into a wider array of languages. The partnership between Storyblok and Lokalise enables this by incorporating AI-powered translations into the CMS.

Petr Antropov, Co-Founder of Lokalise, highlighted the discrepancy between the 35% of businesses communicating only in a single language and half of Lokalise's 3500 customers who run their operations in eight or more languages. He attributed the upcoming shift in this scenario to recent technological breakthroughs that have transformed localisation from a challenge into an opportunity. "We're excited to play a part in the change," Antropov said.

Barry D'Arcy, VP of Partners at Storyblok, discussed how businesses acknowledged the importance of translating their content but often failed to address it due to perceived complexities. "Our partnership with Lokalise makes translation and localisation a natural component of content workflows," he said, expressing that 2024 should ideally witness more businesses taking multilingual content experiences seriously.