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Salto Systems presents Salto Wecosystem, unifying three core brands
Wed, 14th Feb 2024

SALTO Systems, a pioneering entity in access solutions, has unveiled the Salto Wecosystem, a novel brand platform that redefines its organisational DNA for the future. This pivotal move unifies their three core brands, Salto, Gantner, and the new addition, Vintia, under one communal ecosystem flag.

The Salto Wecosystem signifies the commitment to innovation that is fundamental to each company within SALTO Systems. The initiative highlights the combined strength of the individual brands in the access control industry, focusing on providing smarter access to various avenues, including experiences, opportunities, and more.

Each brand amplifies its unique strengths towards fulfilling the shared goal in this new structural alignment. Gantner maintains its position as a frontrunner in developing reliable, smart identification, access, cashless payment and locker solutions. Concurrently, Salto continues its legacy of spearheading advancements in building access, identity management, and electronic locking technology. Vintia, the latest entrant, specialises in ticketing and booking systems that enhance customer experiences in the leisure and attractions sector.

Mr Frederik Troester, General Manager, SALTO Systems Oceania, said, "Uniting our core brands, Salto, Gantner, and Vintia, under the Salto Wecosystem reflects our commitment to delivering comprehensive yet distinct solutions and services." He added, "This new brand platform ecosystem allows for a more cohesive market approach, creating further value for our partners who can leverage the strengths of each brand."

The introduction of Salto Wecosystem strides hand in hand with its refreshed visual identity, which is set to trickle down to every facet of corporate identity, such as product packaging and branding assets.

Alongside this strategic initiative, the organisation disclosed their transformation plan for continued prosperity. SALTO Systems announced that its new avatar, Salto Wecosystem, symbolises a comprehensive turn involving a holistic stratagem that reflects the business's commitment to innovation and integration of brands, companies, and technologies.

The revamped organisation under the header of Salto Wecosystem comprises three core brands, Gantner, Salto, and Vintia, all set to play a vital role while retaining their unique identities. Four global teams have been formed to ensure operational efficiency and collaboration: Sales and Marketing, Technology and Innovation, People and Global Services, and Cybersecurity.

As a prominent part of this evolution, Salto Wecosystem welcomed Marc Gmez as the incoming Group CEO. A man of vision and experience, Gmez is slated to take charge starting April 2nd, 2024. Gmez remarks, "I am genuinely excited to join Salto Wecosystem as CEO during this transformative period. Together, we will chart a course for growth, success, and sustained excellence."

Javier Roquero, the outgoing CEO, moving towards his Board Member position and member of the Salto Wecosystem Strategy Committee, added, "I am convinced that the company will continue to grow and get better under the leadership of Marc Gmez."