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REGnosys & WISE partnership targets gender disparity in tech
Mon, 26th Feb 2024

The regulatory technology company REGnosys has announced its partnership with the social enterprise WISE, with the commitment to counteract gender disparity in the technology sector. The underrepresentation of women in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) is a critically concerning issue, with women constituting just 24% of these occupations.

For many young girls looking to pursue a career in technology, the absence of female role models and the inadequacy of information about potential opportunities often discourage them. To address this, the newly forged partnership between REGnosys and WISE will focus on promoting gender equality in the tech industry. A significant part of their plan involves highlighting female role models in the tech sphere to inspire younger generations of women towards pursuing STEM careers.

Furthermore, REGnosys and WISE also strive to foster an environment within the tech industry where gender equality thrives. This initiative is a response to a recent study by WISE, which reveals that the presence of role models nearly doubles the number of young girls in Europe interested in STEM fields. Additionally, girls with role models display a broader interest in all aspects of STEM, transcending the focus areas of their mentors.

However, even in the presence of advancements, notable challenges continue to plague the tech industry, including the gender pay gap, which affects 79% of women in tech. In light of this, REGnosys and WISE are determined to address these obstacles head-on to ultimately create a more diverse and inclusive tech ecosystem.

REGnosys Chief Executive and Founder, Leo Labeis, spoke about the collaboration: "To address the issue of gender inequality from the ground up, it is imperative that we face the harsh realities of the situation and do what we can to promote the role models currently working in the sector. As a tech start-up, it can be challenging to compete with larger firms. We are delighted to have delivered on our pledge to boost women’s representation within our company, which now sits at 38%. By partnering with Wise, we will bolster and develop our long-term commitment to DEI in the workplace."

Commenting on the partnership, Kirsty Carotti, Software Engineer at REGnosys and Vice-Chair of the WISE Young Professional Board said: "I am thrilled that REGnosys have decided to partner with WISE. I was lucky to have role models and the support to pursue my career aspirations, but I know not everyone is as fortunate. Through this partnership, we can help to champion women in the sector and raise awareness for the next generation."

The collaboration between REGnosys and WISE and their mutual commitment to gender equality in the tech industry is setting a precedent for their peers. With dedicated actions towards promoting diversity and inclusion, they aim to nurture an environment conducive to innovation, progress, and equitable opportunities for all.