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Persistent Systems unveils SASVA, enhancing enterprise AI capabilities
Thu, 14th Mar 2024

Global digital engineering company, Persistent Systems, has announced the launch of SASVA - reportedly a major step forward in enterprise AI capabilities. This platform employs the latest large language models (LLMs) and machine learning (ML) technologies to streamline and accelerate software releases, tackling common issues such as technical debt.

The term SASVA originates from the Sanskrit word Shashvatah, meaning timeless, representing the platform's continual refinement and adaptation in response to the evolving software landscape. With its capacity to prevent technical debt in new development, minimise accumulated technical debt in mid to late-stage software, and manage complex scenarios in software sustenance and diverse industries, SASVA offers a comprehensive solution for enterprise scalability.

The traditional approach to software engineering often results in an over-reliance on manual tasks, leading to technical debt and challenges in maintaining efficiency, reliability, and scalability throughout the software development life cycle. In turn, these challenges become even more acute as budget and resource limitations come into play in the later stages of the software life cycle. Notably, the SASVA platform addresses these difficulties head-on, leveraging AI capabilities to tackle the decline in productivity often seen in complex projects.

SASVA operates via a distinct method that involves creating a comprehensive knowledge base from large datasets that encompass millions of code repositories and documents. Utilising hybrid language models allows for efficient use of these vast resources, with continuous secure training on customer data sourced from multiple platforms. This meticulous approach enhances privacy, security, and regulatory compliance, while improving project planning and enabling seamless code modifications for reviews.

Initial engagements indicate that SASVA has already managed to reduce release times by an impressive 25% to 35%, enhancing quality and cutting down on technical debt. CEO and Executive Director at Persistent, Sandeep Kalra, expressed his pride in presenting SASVA. He emphasised the significance of the platform's ability to minimise manual efforts, delivering consistent quality and major productivity gains while minimising technical costs.

Praveen Kalla, Operating Executive at Lone View Capital and Board Member at Smartlinx, underscored the industry's ongoing struggle with increasing technical debt and the concurrent rise in costs and security risks due to outdated systems, inadequate maintenance, and delayed releases. He lauded Persistent's introduction of SASVA as a major strategic move, aligning with market trends and further establishing Persistent as a thought leader in maximising gains across the software life cycle value chain.

Meanwhile, Chirag Mehta, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research, stated that amidst the increasing abundance of AI tools, customers are seeking solutions that bridge the gap between product and engineering, accelerating product launches, and mitigating security risks. With the arrival of SASVA, Persistent has adeptly identified and responded to this need for swift innovation navigated by an AI platform. This positions their clients for optimised growth in an increasingly complex industry.