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OpenText unveils new innovative enhancements using AI
Thu, 25th Jan 2024

OpenText announced today the release of its latest Cloud Editions 24.1, featuring several innovative enhancements and integrations of OpenText Aviator™. These updates contribute to the company's ongoing dedication to revolutionising the way businesses operate with the strategic application of AI. This comes as part of their vision encapsulated in the tagline "".

OpenText CEO & CTO Mark J. Barrenechea, emphasised the purpose of the latest launch, saying, "The latest Cloud Editions launch isn't just about enhancing our offerings or providing a solution. It's about enabling a paradigm shift in how businesses operate, how industries evolve, and how we collectively engage with technology in this era of rapid transformation." He further asserted the importance of reliable data, stating, "Leveraging AI for impactful results depends on reliable data – without it, even the most skilled data scientists will struggle."

The release includes several features designed to streamline operations and improve productivity. For instance, OpenText Content Aviator™, available on OpenText Extended ECM™, now offers integrated conversational search, summarisation, and translation within content management, aiming to accelerate information retrieval and enhance employee efficiency. Additionally, OpenText IT Operations Aviator™ on SMAX achieves efficient resolution of routine IT service requests, minimising the need for support staff and reducing business costs.

One particularly notable innovation is OpenText Thrust Studio™, now open through an early access programme. This platform offers tools enabling developers to more seamlessly design, build, and deploy applications using OpenText Thrust APIs. In addition, OpenText has enhanced its Thrust for Partner Program. The latest updates offer partners a stronger set of free APIs and further support in creating industry-specific solutions.

Ever since the debut of and OpenText Aviator™ in August 2023, OpenText has shown unwavering dedication to pushing forward its AI vision. With the launch of its first Aviator capabilities, OpenText addressed multiple use cases across the enterprise, such as IT operations, DevOps, content, customer experience, cybersecurity, and business network. The approach demonstrates a robust commitment to AI innovation, promising to redefine business operations and maximise profitability.

David Milette, Cofounder and Chief Technology Evangelist at SQALogic Technologies Inc., commented favorably on OpenText's AI efforts. He said, "In recent years, we have witnessed how AI can profoundly change the world. Today, it is more evident than ever before that AI is the guiding compass that is steering businesses toward better efficiency, profitability, and intelligence." He believes that OpenText's Aviator capabilities have the potential to transform challenges into opportunities, offering essential insights for strategy refinement and timely delivery.