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IDeaS releases G3 RMS Portfolio Navigator for multi-property revenue management
Thu, 7th Mar 2024

IDeaS, the provider of hotel pricing solutions and a significant supplier of travel technology to the APAC region, has launched its latest innovation in multi-property revenue management. The G3 RMS Portfolio Navigator aims to redefine revenue management at scale through automation. This new tool enables multi-property and corporate revenue management leaders to deliver and manage revenue strategy promptly, confidently and consistently.

Often, multi-property revenue management teams face challenges in identifying and acting upon critical revenue management decisions swiftly. Utilising an array of tools and data sources, they attempt to spot market trends, changes in demand, forecasts and market positioning. However, these traditional methods are usually unable to scale and often don't deliver the crucial answers to the critical queries of multi-property revenue leaders. The newly-introduced Portfolio Navigator expands the capabilities of G3 RMS, aiding revenue teams in answering their most pressing questions.

Sanjay Nagalia, Co-founder, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer of IDeaS, said: ”IDeaS is dedicated to ensuring our customers receive the tools they need to become more efficient and productive, regardless of size. The inclusion of Portfolio Navigator in our leading product G3 RMS significantly enhances multi-property revenue management. The application facilitates revenue management leaders in bringing insights into impactful commercial activities at scale."

Portfolio Navigator analyses business and market movements to underscore revenue opportunities and identifies the relevant action items required to leverage them. This alleviates the laborious requirement of deciding on an updated strategy and action on each individual property while ensuring quick responses to changes in business or market conditions in order to optimise revenues.

The centralised property performance metrics displayed in a single view allow corporate or cluster users to quickly and conveniently gain a real-time overview of their portfolio’s business health and individual team member performance. Such a feature removes the need for time-consuming manual data consolidation, thus enabling better decision-making for the entire estate and revenue team.

The Portfolio Navigator enables hotels to deploy revenue strategies to multiple properties from a single platform. Additionally, the application offers a centralised view of all properties’ performance and serves as a single point of deployment for revenue management decisions and system configuration changes. The introduction of these capabilities sees the elimination of tiresome adjustments to individual properties’ revenue management systems.

IDeaS, a SAS company, combines industry knowledge with data analytics technology to create sophisticated ways to enable revenue leaders with precise, automated decisions. With more than 30 years of expertise, IDeaS delivers revenue science to more than 30,000 properties in 154 countries.