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Goldilock & Patriot Tools team up for US cyber defence
Thu, 22nd Feb 2024

In a move that responds to China's alarming Volt Typhoon cyber attack on US infrastructure, Goldilock, UK-based developer of a NATO-endorsed cyber kill-switch, has revealed a crucial strategy to beef up American security. Goldilock has declared a US manufacturing agreement with Patriot Tools, LLC, celebrated for their "measurably secure" production techniques. The consequence of this arrangement is that the Drawbridge, a multi-patented cyber kill-switch already utilised by the UK Ministry of Defence and Ukrainian CyberCommand, will now be manufactured in the US, using entirely US-sourced and made parts.

The new partnership provides augmented security for US critical infrastructure. The move is timely, as awareness of cyberattacks has been heightened following the Volt Typhoon incident. The first phase of the plan targets the US energy, transmission, and financial services sectors with a Drawbridge model specifically designed for their requirements. Production will strictly comply with the CHIPS for America Act, IEEE P1547.3, and recent FERC/NERC regulations, ensuring the upmost security standards.

Goldilock's NATO-selected, multi-patented technology is currently deployed through the UK, Europe and Asia. The company's entry into the US, marked by this developmental and production deal with Patriot Tools, is a critical phase in their evolution. This follows the recent launch of their Maryland-based Technology Advancement Centre (TAC). Drawbridge represents a pioneer in physical network isolation solutions.

"As a direct result of supply chain compromise attacks, Goldilock has been obsessive about our own processes and materials since day 1, by producing everything in-house, or sourcing exclusively from vetted suppliers within NATO and the EU," says Goldilock CEO Tony Hasek. "We want to bring that same level of security and peace of mind to our U.S. clients and Patriot Tools provides the level of integrity we have been seeking."

The first phase of the Goldilock-Patriot Tools cooperation focuses on the manufacture of an appliance with an external remote proprietary kill-switch trigger, designed specifically to protect U.S. Operational Technology networks. Adhering to the principles of measurably secure production, the device will comply with stringent standards established under US and international regulations.

Goldilock's collaboration with Patriot Tools has been announced in an environment of increasing awareness of the need for robust cyber kill-switches, emphasised by China's recent Volt Typhoon attack on US critical national infrastructure.

Speaking on the initiative, Tony Hasek, Founder and CEO of Goldilock, stressed: "Organisations must adopt disconnectedness, and be prepared to disconnect OT, IT systems and other digital assets at the drop of a hat. The new default must be true physical connection or disconnection on-demand, which is precisely what Goldilock's patented Drawbridge delivers. We're excited to bring our revolutionary hardware-based product to the U.S. market to give control back to asset owners and managers."

Scott Palmer, CEO of Patriot Tools echoed Hasek's sentiments: "We've been creating efficient solutions to industrial problems for decades. As an American manufacturer, delivering trust in the form of measurably secure devices is the foundation of our business. We look forward to building on our collaboration with Goldilock to secure American businesses' OT and IT infrastructure."