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FPT Automotive expands with new office in Pune, India
Fri, 5th Jan 2024

FPT Automotive, a subsidiary of FPT Corporation, has announced the opening of a new office in Pune, India, as part of its global expansion strategy. This development follows closely on the heels of the recent launch of its Texas branch in the USA. The opening of this new office is intended to bolster the company's presence in Pune, a significant nexus for the automotive and manufacturing industry.

FPT Automotive envisages joining the ranks of the leading global automotive services providers by 2030, undergirded by the addition of 500 professionals to its team by 2026. Its clientele comprises reputed brands such as Hyundai, Honda, Volvo, and VinFast.

The official inauguration of FPT Automotive's new office in Pune aligns with the company's strategy of extending its global outreach. This initiative is a progressive step in the wake of the company's launch in Texas, USA, in December 2023. The upcoming office in Pune is seen as a strategic move to enhance its local presence and delivery capacity in order to align with the industry's evolving needs effectively.

FPT Automotive's plan to expand its workforce to 500 professionals in the Pune office by 2026 is a clear intent to strengthen its position as a leading provider of automotive services and products. Alongside an improved delivery capacity, the company aims to promote novel levels of agility, scalability, and efficiency in product development. This will ensure that its clients are served with a comprehensive suite of engineering services in a prompt and efficient manner.

The establishment of FPT Automotive's new office has also been stimulated by Pune's emergence as a vibrant hub for auto manufacturing. By situating itself within this energetic ecosystem, FPT aims not only to gain a wider breadth of clients but also to foster new connections and partnerships within the industry.

FPT Automotive's CEO, Kinh Nguyen, expresses confidence in their long-standing team, which has operated as a business unit within FPT for over a decade. He believes that this experienced team is well-equipped to deliver innovative solutions adhering to the highest safety standards, offering exceptional experiences to clients.

Nguyen emphasises the company's commitment to fostering a smart mobility society and aspires for FPT Automotive to become a global leader in providing services and products for software-defined vehicles.

Kinh Nguyen said, "Our values are built upon the development of a smart mobility society, and we aspire to become a global leading services and products provider for software-defined vehicles."

FPT Automotive, which officially launched on December 13, 2023, boasts a global team of 4,000 automotive software engineers and experts. It's committed to the goal of becoming a billion-dollar, world-class automotive services and products provider by 2030. This ambitious mission is substantiated by an illustrious clientele that comprises Hyundai, Honda, Volvo, and Vietnam's electric vehicle maker, VinFast.