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Delinea enhances Secret Server features for streamlined privilege access management
Fri, 1st Dec 2023

Delinea, a provider of Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions, is boosting the user-friendliness of its Secret Server with new features. The improvements are meant to enhance how privileged users interact with the vaulted credentials via features such as Web Password Filler and Connection Manager. Significant capabilities have also been added to the Delinea Mobile app, aimed at reducing friction and improving workflows. These developments are instrumental to elevating PAM adoption across businesses.

According to research by Delinea, an alarming 79% of employees knowingly engage in risky behaviour to complete their work. This highlights the need for PAM solutions that can be swiftly deployed and easily used, resulting in quick and willing adoption, therefore lowering the risk. An enterprise vault is crucial to robust PAM strategies and Secret Server is serving this purpose by offering several options to access privileged credentials, thereby reducing adoption barriers.

Web Password Filler (WPF) has been upgraded to allow administrators and business users to access privileged credentials through web applications to have enhanced visibility of these credentials in the Secret Server. New built-in search functionality, simplified login process, lack of need to toggle between screens to access necessary checkout credentials and comments, and an option to autofill temporary one-time password (TOTP) codes altogether streamline the process for users.

Delinea's Chief Product Officer, Phil Calvin, stated, "The latest updates provide seamless access for users while ensuring appropriate security and governance. By removing complexity for all users accessing privileged accounts and managing active sessions, we make every organisation leveraging Secret Server more secure. Our focus is on streamlining workflows to fit the way security and business teams work."

Further improvements to the Connection Manager are designed to help users launch remote sessions using vaulted credentials. Users can now quickly manage multiple privileged sessions without compromising security or productivity. The need to move between screens and applications has been minimised, as administrators can now respond to Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) challenges that are enabled on individual secrets, all within the same Connection Manager window. Extension of the credential checkout rights can also be done directly in the Connection Manager.

Newly included updates in the Delinea Mobile app enhance usability and support the need of administrators for on-the-move access, management, and security of privileged accounts. Features such as the ability to generate passwords, unlock options, and readability improvements within the application greatly enhance user experience, streamline workflows, and increase productivity without compromising secure access to the vaulted credentials.

Delinea is offering a free trial of the latest Secret Server version. The Delinea Mobile app is available for download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Delinea continues to define boundaries of access for thousands of customers around the globe. From small businesses to the largest financial institutions, the company caters to a wide range of clientele.