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Compuware celebrates two decades of powering the tech industry
Wed, 17th Jan 2024

On January 1st, 2024, Compuware Technology Inc (Compuware), one of the top three server power supply suppliers globally, is marking its 20 years of excellence in the tech industry. Founded in 2004, Compuware has since led in delivering high-efficiency server power supplies and advancing its support for AI servers, building on its global production presence.

Compuware has carved out its niche in the burgeoning AI landscape, shipping over a million power supplies (PSUs) in 2023 alone. Notably, the use of high-wattage, high-efficiency power supply dedicated to AI/GPU servers reached an impressive rate of 31%, further reinforcing Compuware's strong footprint in this crucial sector.

Compuware's power supplies are highly efficient, earning the title of the world's leading 80 PLUS Titanium-certified company. This prestigious certification represents power efficiency levels of as high as 96%, which means significantly reduced power wastage. Compuware's power supplies cater to the unique power demands of AI servers which operate continuously and require high wattage to manage computational and thermal challenges, providing the company with a unique advantage in the PSU market.

The rapidly growing demands within the AI sector have instigated considerable expansion of Compuware's global production capabilities. Operations began at their Malaysia-based factory in November 2023. The company is actively inviting professionals with expertise in power supply to bolster its ranks.

General Manager at Compuware, Mr. Liang, stated, "With two decades of expertise in the high-efficiency field, we boast the best R&D and production teams. Our strong support for AI servers is the proof in the pudding." Mr Liang elaborated on the company's aspirations for 2024; "We are tightening our bonds with global clients, and our facility expansion is all about going above and beyond customer expectations.

"Of course, our goal is to provide power supplies that not only perform better but also align with our core values and social responsibility - more efficient, more eco-friendly. That's what we are all about at Compuware," he said.

Liang said the 20th anniversary celebration of Compuware is not just a look back at the company's rich history, but also a staunch statement of its future directions.

As Compuware advances, it continues to contribute significantly to broader developments in AI servers, the cloud industry, data centres, and the telecommunication field, he said. With its unwavering commitment to innovation, efficiency, and its impact on the technological landscape, Compuware is prepared to leave an enduring legacy within the power supply industry.