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Cloudbrink HAaaS solution outperforms industry leaders
Thu, 1st Feb 2024

Cloudbrink, a secure remote access provider, has received positive results from independent tests, confirming its claims that its hybrid access as a service (HAaaS) solution significantly outperforms competitors in the VPN and ZTNA market, including industry leaders such as Cisco, Zscaler, Pulse Secure, Perimeter 81, and Tailscale. Case in point, network laboratory Broadband Testing has found that Cloudbrink's service can boost the performance of applications using unreliable internet connections, fully secured, by up to 30 times or more.

Steve Broadhead, director at Broadband Testing, noted the positive impact this service could have on users. "Security typically involves a big performance overhead. If you use a VPN for example, you can expect up to a 90% immediate loss of effective bandwidth. Most SSE and ZTNA services also add significant latency. What's remarkable in Cloudbrink's case is that a fully secured ZTNA service still delivers hugely accelerated performance compared to the same connection with nothing added," he explained.

Cloudbrink opted for independent speed tests in response to a trial conducted by a Fortune 100 entertainment and media company. The firm had been seeking ways to increase its remote developer team's productivity to avoid missing an important project deadline and put Cloudbrink's service to the test against the alternatives in the market.

Cloudbrink's CEO, Prakash Mana, expanded on the situation: "Working with massive file transfers and unreliable connections, remote developers were struggling to make more than one or two code check-ins a day. The clock was running down on the project and the customer had to find a solution. Our service was so much faster than their existing platforms, that the company suspected at first there was something wrong with its test rig. Cloudbrink even outperformed a direct connection with security turned off. We asked Broadband Testing to run its own tests under controlled conditions to confirm the customer’s findings."

According to Broadhead, Cloudbrink outperformed even its own claims. "Cloudbrink claims up to a 30x performance improvement but we found a number of scenarios where that figure was hugely exceeded, especially where network conditions became more challenging. The Cloudbrink solution also increased throughput and reduced transfer time even in perfect network conditions," he revealed.

Brandon Butler, IDC Research Manager for Enterprise Networks, remarked that this significant improvement indicates a shift in the industry. "Today, organizations are more distributed than ever, and they need network and security architectures that meet the needs of their digital businesses. But with distributed users accessing distributed applications, traditional network and security solutions can be inefficient and ineffective. Cloudbrink is one of a handful of companies that is reimagining network and security architectures for the age of the hyper-distributed enterprise, and speeds tests like this one show the power of how next-generation architectures can securely assure high-quality digital experiences for users."