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Checkmarx launches faster, more accurate app security solution
Tue, 13th Feb 2024

Checkmarx, a provider of cloud-native application security solutions, has announced the launch of its new next-generation application security solution, known as the Checkmarx SAST solution, that is set to revolutionise enterprise application security by scanning apps 90% faster and reducing false positives by up to 80%.

The Checkmarx SAST solution allows enterprise organisations to secure their entire application footprints through in-depth security measures. The primary aims of this solution are to identify maximum risk and provide ultra-fast scanning of every application, thereby minimising overheads and disruption.

"The combination of speed and simplicity for developers along with precise, in-depth vulnerability discovery can be pivotal in adopting DevSecOps in an organisation," said Katie Norton, Research Manager, DevSecOps & Software Supply Chain Security at IDC. "As the pace of cloud-native enterprise application development continues to accelerate, the adoption of tools that bridge the gap between security teams’ and development teams’ needs can help foster a DevSecOps culture."

Checkmarx's new solution stands out for its level of customisation. Users can configure scans based on specific needs for each application and its business criticality. This ensures that all vulnerabilities, particularly those that present the highest risk, are identified and dealt with accordingly. Furthermore, the rapid scanning ability of the Checkmarx SAST allows developers to quickly identify actionable vulnerabilities with minimal false positives, thereby enhancing the overall developer experience.

"With the hundreds and even thousands of applications required to enable digital transformation, enterprise security and development teams can no longer compromise security for speed of scanning – nor should they need to make that choice," said Sandeep Johri, CEO at Checkmarx. "Our next-generation SAST engine is ultra-fast, adaptive and precise, equipping security and development teams with everything needed to reduce risk while covering the entire application footprint with a single-vendor solution."

The introduction of Checkmarx's SAST solution signals an end to the need for consumers to choose between maximum risk reduction and ease or speed of use, the company sattes. The solution aims to provide the best of both worlds and allows enterprises to apply the right level of application security to each application. While easy and fast scanning covers every application, in-depth scans identify and fix every risk within the most critical applications.

Checkmarx’s consolidated Checkmarx One platform and services address the needs of enterprises by improving security and reducing TCO, while simultaneously building trust between AppSec, developers, and CISOs. Checkmarx believes it’s not just about finding risk but remediating it across the entire application footprint and software supply chain with one seamless process for all relevant stakeholders.  The company serves more than 1,800 customers, which includes 60% of all Fortune 100 companies.