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AI and GenAI set to revolutionise APAC's technology landscape by 2025
Thu, 28th Dec 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) coupled with General AI (GenAI) technologies are set to catalyze the technology metamorphosis across Asia and the Pacific by mid-2025.

New findings from the FutureScape report by IDC FutureScape show that AI could drive an “organisational cultural shift” revolutionising 50% of the Asia/Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ) workforce, encouraging higher technology usage and increased productivity, while stimulating major changes in employee skill requirements.

These AI-based advancements are projected to help create and enhance strategic roles which are beyond AI and GenAI's competencies. It’s predicted there will be a surge in technology buyers investing in AI and GenAI powered enterprise software applications to help achieve business transformations. IDC also highlights the trend emphasising on improved human-machine collaboration.

The report further unveils several compelling transformation predictions for the upcoming years. By the end of 2025, 30% of APEJ enterprises are expected to utilise ‘human-like interfaces’ in their apps to expedite decision-making processes.

Furthermore, it was estimated that 15% of the A2000 would adopt autonomous, self-healing tech by 2025, incorporating seamless integration by 2026 and evolving to self-healing applications by 2027.

According to IDC, AI will help to plug 15% of corporate talent deficiency by 2025, leading to a surplus of talent across all enterprises by 2027. Moreover, by late 2024, 40% of the A2000 will reportedly concentrate on tech, notably decreasing the time gap between an event occurrence and the subsequent decision-making process.

The report accentuates that legacy system modernisation is imperative for operational survival and adaptation to the fast-paced digital environment, as 60% of APEJ organisations still use them and will need to upgrade without delay, preferably by early 2025.

Emphasising the importance of AI in future business strategies, Estelle Quek, Senior Research Manager, Software Applications and Channels Strategies, IDC Asia/Pacific, stated, "IDC expects a multi-phased adoption of intelligent enterprise applications by APEJ organisations between 2024 to 2028.”

Initially, from 2024 to 2025, there will be a focus on altering internal attitudes towards human-machine collaboration in Asia's top 2,000 organisations. By 2026, these organisations are expected to progress towards integrating data and enterprise apps seamlessly, ultimately running as autonomous organisations by 2028.

These transformative waves triggered by AI and GenAI are aimed at ushering higher business autonomy, agility and resilience. By replacing legacy software with intelligent AI and GenAI-based applications, organisations, particularly Asia's top 2,000, could experience enhanced user interfacing and experience, boosted data-driven insights, timelier decisions, and elevated business outcomes.