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Symmetry Systems' breakthrough AI-powered data security features unveiled
Fri, 15th Dec 2023

Symmetry Systems, the AI-powered data security company has announced an array of major product features that demonstrate substantial progress in delivering industry-defining data security solutions. The features, unveiled throughout 2023, are designed to enhance an organisation's ability to safely manage and secure its data across various platforms.

Pre-eminent in Symmetry Systems' 2023 report is the implementation of functionalities aimed at both answering rudimentary data-related queries and driving real-world outcomes that stretch beyond the classification and mapping access to an organisation's data.

The company has made improvements across cloud and data storage coverage, developed Machine Learning (ML)-boosted data identifiers and classifiers, and broadened its comprehensive data security capabilities. Symmetry Systems' progressive approach to feature updates and enhancements address the intricate challenge faced by customers in maintaining data security across multiple platforms.

The secure use of data is key in GenAI projects, security teams departing from traditional methods and turning towards solutions such as the ones offered by Symmetry Systems. For example, companies are using Symmetry's services to ensure proper data is used in the creation and functioning of GenAI models, answering important questions regarding data accessibility to third-party contractors.

Symmetry Systems' successful deployments include Fortune 50 manufacturing businesses, prominent companies among the pharmaceutical and financial sectors, and a well-regarded federal organisation leading in aeronautics and space industry. Symmetry Systems ensured an impact-free deletion of over 25% Google cloud assets such as Projects, Identities, and production data for a Fortune 100 company.

Throughout 2023, Symmetry Systems expanded coverage and integrations for Microsoft Azure, including OneDrive and SharePoint, also building upon its on-premise deployments with Hadoop, Apache Ranger, and SQL Server integrated with Azure Active Directory. Furthermore, it extended integrations for self-managed cloud deployment, specifically shaped to suit IL-6 Air Gapped cloud environments.

Symmetry Systems' updated features set the bar in terms of speed, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness, allowing context-aware classification and identity first prioritisation via intelligent data object sampling. This reduces the false positives to industry-leading levels speeding up the classification process, cost of classification, and enhancing customer remediation processes.

Symmetry Systems' wide-ranging data security features now cover all NIST functions (Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover). The company continues to incorporate advanced machine learning techniques to monitor cloud identity behaviour and data operations, offering advanced anomaly detection across all major cloud service providers and on-premise data stores.

They have also automated the enforcement and remediation of dormant, excess, and unauthorised permissions to sensitive data before they can potentially become security issues.

"The majority of these features are already in production for customers or in the final stages of performance testing. Symmetry currently helps organisations secure their valuable assets across their AWS, Azure, and GCP cloud accounts, effortlessly analysing over 50 million on-prem and cloud data stores and data objects, analysing and safeguarding over 20 million identities and analyzing over 2 billion operations per month."

"The product development and feature addition sets up Symmetry for further success in an even larger scale and versatility next year," said Dr. Mohit Tiwari, Co-Founder and CEO at Symmetry Systems.