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Microsoft & Tanium's AI breakthrough boosts cybersecurity support
Wed, 3rd Apr 2024

The recently launched Microsoft Copilot for Security is the first advanced large language model designed with a security-specific model in mind. Dubbed the first generative AI solution for the industry, Microsoft Copilot for Security aims to bolster support for IT and security professionals. Its creation is to help catch what other systems might miss, accelerate actions, and fortify team expertise.

Adding momentum to this global launch, Tanium, an industry player in Converged Endpoint Management (XEM), confirmed its involvement with the general availability of Microsoft's newly rolled-out product. In a strategic partnership between the two tech giants, Tanium will integrate its real-time endpoint data and intelligence directly into Microsoft Copilot for Security.

The combination of Tanium's XEM platform and Microsoft Copilot for Security's large language model is envisioned to equip teams with pertinent insights for real-time monitoring across all endpoints. This will enable them to investigate and remediate security incidents quickly while addressing the issues in the industry's skills gap.

Matt Quinn, Chief Technology Officer of Tanium, underscored the importance of this development by stating, "When you combine the power of real-time data and the ability to take action through AI, it represents a tremendous opportunity for organisations looking to manage their environments, mitigate risks, and remediate incidents before damage occurs. Today's announcement represents a new era of generative AI and furthers a commitment to our joint customers in providing the power of certainty."

Aiming to drive organisational resilience, the collaborative solution provides unmatched speed, accuracy, and utility to security teams. Microsoft's Copilot for Security and Tanium's XEM make it feasible for such teams to respond to security incidents promptly and effectively while narrowing the industry's skills gap.

An apologist for AI, Ann Johnson, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Security Business Development, lauded the potential of AI technologies in making significant strides in cybersecurity. She stated, "Security is a team sport, and we are pleased to work alongside our Security Copilot partner ecosystem to deliver customers solutions that enhance cyber defences and make the promise of AI real."

Jason Revill, Global Practice Lead for IAM and Data Protection at Avanade, praised the potential of the Tanium and Microsoft partnership, highlighting its capability to resolve cyber threats proactively within minutes. Microsoft Copilot for Security is well on its way to redefining how security professionals respond to threats.

Offering an advanced large language model (LLM) informed by Microsoft's distinctive global threat intelligence, it processes signals in real-time and enables the swift assessment of risk exposure. The security product handles an impressive 78 trillion daily signals, marking a promising development in AI-powered security.

The launch of Microsoft Copilot for Security represents a notable advancement in cybersecurity solutions. Through a strategic partnership with Tanium, this innovative AI-driven platform aims to effectively equip security teams with real-time insights and capabilities to address threats and vulnerabilities. By leveraging advanced technology and industry expertise, Microsoft Copilot for Security has the potential to enhance organisations' cybersecurity posture and response capabilities.