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Emplifi recognised as significant vendor in Forrester's Social Suite Landscape
Wed, 3rd Jan 2024

Emplifi, a prominent customer engagement platform, has been named as a noteworthy vendor by Forrester in its Q4 2023 overview of The Social Suite Landscape.

The summary analysed 11 vendors, and the accolade reflects the shifting media landscape that increasingly relies on social suite platforms. These comprehensive tools integrate several social tech features into a singular offer, including social content scheduling and publishing, audience monitoring, and customer interaction.

According to the company, Emplifi's recognition signifies the expanding business necessity for social suite solutions as brands increasingly invest in social media to drive sales.

The report's findings are intended to guide business and technology leaders in their strategic and operational decisions about software vendor partnerships. This information is particularly vital for organisations that focus on the customer experience. The Q4 2023 overview details the benefits of employing social suite solutions, such as Emplifi.

Crucially, these platforms can significantly increase social media team productivity. In an environment constantly changed by new customer touchpoints and changes in social platforms, end-to-end capabilities provided by social suites can enhance productivity. They enable scheduling, approval, and publication of content all through one channel, adding a layer of efficiency to social media management.

Additionally, efficient customer response is achievable through social suites' streamlined inboxes, message categorisation and integrated CRM platforms. These features allow for faster customer responses, culminating in a more unified view of the customer for social media and customer care teams, thereby optimising the customer experience and response efficiency.

The report also highlights that social suites allow for effective measuring of the impact of social media content. Given that maximising the ROI and effectiveness of marketing is an often-cited priority amongst global B2C marketing decision-makers, this feature is invaluable.

Social suites offer solutions for measuring both paid and organic performance across various platforms. The next step is to evolve this even further, potentially to include influencer performance, competitive benchmarking, and customer service case management data.

Social suite solutions like Emplifi offer services beyond social media management, a crucial development noted in the report. They extend into influencer/creator marketing, employee advocacy, and rating and review management, signalling the multi-faceted nature of modern social media marketing and customer care.

Zarnaz Arlia, CMO of Emplifi, has commented on Emplifi's ongoing development, stating, "Emplifi is reshaping the way brands connect with the modern consumer in today's dynamic digital landscape with a robust offering that supports the end-to-end customer experience."

"We continue to take bold strides to unify marketing, commerce, and care and have built our capabilities across ratings and review management, influencer marketing and customer care. With AI and automation, the opportunities to drive efficiencies and enhance results are only getting greater, and we look forward to delivering further innovative features in 2024."

This report was assembled by Forrester Consulting with vendor-supplied information; where this was absent, estimates were constructed using available secondary information. The Q4 2023 overview of The Social Suite Landscape reflects the growing importance of social suite solutions in a changing digital landscape, with Emplifi leading the way as a reputable vendor.