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Dynatrace named as 'Leader' in 2024 GigaOm Radar Report
Mon, 25th Mar 2024

Dynatrace, known for unified observability and security, has been crowned a "Leader" in the 2024 GigaOm Radar Report for Cloud Observability Solutions. 21 solution providers were rigorously evaluated based on their technical capabilities, product roadmap, innovation, and execution ability. As per the report, Dynatrace excelled in all parameters, placing it closest to the centre of the radar. This pedestal signifies its unerring ability to guide some of the world's largest corporations in leveraging its AI-powered observability and security platform to fulfil their business transformation goals.

GigaOm analyst Ron Williams, author of the report, elucidates the increasingly influencing role of cloud observability solutions like Dynatrace. He asserts, "The amount of traffic, logs, and general cloud complexity that enterprises contend with is greater than ever, continuing to escalate. It's implausible for any individual or team to keep tabs on every aspect of a modern IT infrastructure and comprehend the vast data volume. It is here that Dynatrace steps in as a saviour. Its AI-powered platform empowers varied use cases, offering absolute visibility into hybrid and multicloud environments. For any enterprise intent on rapid improvements in cloud observability, Dynatrace poses itself as an irresistible choice."

The GigaOm report contends that generative AI and large language models (LLMs) form the indispensable bond between observability and intelligence, birthing a dazzling array of new capabilities to pacify cloud complexity. Dynatrace's support for LLMs in its platform was accorded superior recognition in the cloud observability sphere. Noteworthy is Dynatrace's recent announcement of upgrading its Davis hypermodal AI engine by merging its current causal and predictive AI capabilities with new Davis CoPilot generative AI capabilities. Such an amalgamation of dynamic AI techniques invites teams to amplify productivity with bespoke recommendations for business, development, security, and operational tasks.

The acknowledgement from GigaOm substantiates Dynatrace's unwavering commitment to assisting its customers in simplifying complexity, making informed decisions, augmenting performance, and expediting digital transformation. Steve Tack, SVP of Product Management at Dynatrace, affirmed, "Our unified observability and security platform, invigorated by the industry's finest AI, enables organisations to garner significant insights from their data, invigorating analytics and trustworthy automation. Dynatrace is steadfast in innovating new strategies to optimise cloud environments and empower organisations to flourish in the digital time."

In the rapidly evolving industry with the advent of trailblazing advancements like generative AI and LLMs, Dynatrace's industry leadership underscores its resolution to consistently pioneer cutting-edge techniques in navigating cloud environments. A result-driven strategy promises enterprises an unwavering ally in their journey of digital transformation.