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Amazon pledges to provide free AI training to two million people by 2025
Fri, 1st Dec 2023

Amazon has announced its bold initiative to impart free Artificial Intelligence (AI) training to an estimated two million people by 2025. The move is part of their 'AI Ready' commitment to enhance skills in this emerging technology.

The project, originating from London on 28th November, aims to unlock AI's potential by providing much-needed training. It is envisaged that it will include three new initiatives targeted at adults, young learners and existing Amazon AI training programmes, intending to level up with scaled training.

The offered courses will vary in expertise level. The first will comprise eight new AI and generative AI courses that will be accessible to anyone desiring to learn more about the technology. This expansion builds on Amazon Web Services (AWS) current portfolio of over 80 free or cost-effective AI resources.

The AWS Generative AI Scholarship forms a crucial part of the second initiative. Backed by $12 million, this venture targets students from underrepresented communities worldwide. Over 50,000 high school and university students will gain access to a novel generative AI course and a certificate from Udacity, providing visible skill sets for potential employers.

Josh Boer, the Director at Tech Consultancy VeUP, underscores the significance of training programs, particularly in areas like Artificial Intelligence. He applauds large corporations like Amazon for prioritising accessible training, emphasising that having technically skilled workforces is crucial for the success of fast-growing businesses.

Boer highlights the importance of keeping funding, training, and educational opportunities in focus as tech-powered businesses expand and organisations concentrate on digital transformation

Josh Boer said: "Building workforces technically skilled in areas such as Artificial Intelligence will play a central role in capitalising for fast-growing businesses, so it is great to see large corporations like Amazon prioritising accessible training."

"As tech-powered businesses continue to grow and organisations focus on their digital transformations, funding, training, and educating opportunities must be kept top of mind."

Boer elaborates on the importance of AI and cloud services for organisations, highlighting AWS's role in enhancing agility, reducing costs, and fostering innovation. He emphasises that AWS provides businesses with tailored services to meet their specific organisational needs, particularly when integrated with new AI solutions. Boer also stresses that to fully realise the benefits of emerging technology, the workforce needs to be well-equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills.

Boer explained, "AWS, in particular offers businesses the ability to increase agility, drive down costs and promote innovation, tapping into a suite of tailored services catering to their unique organisational requirements, working in tandem with new AI solutions."

"For the benefits of emerging technology to be reaped, our workforces must be fully equipped with the knowledge and skills they need". "

The recent initiatives will bolster Amazon's $1.2 billion investment into education and skills training for cloud computing, solidifying its contribution to bridging the technology skills gap.